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About a decade ago we saw the emergence of architecture blogs. Finally the communication of architecture seemed to democratize itself and it started the exodus of readers from specialized reviews to the internet. Voices multiplied and the access to content became widespread, converting readers into writers (allow me to use this word, even if in its most modest form) and slowly it took us to the situation we are in today: total saturation and a critical attitude is more necessary than ever before in regards to what we read, and even more so, who we read.

Years later, and a few too many years later if you’ll allow me to say so, our discipline seems to have outstretched roots in the generation of audiovisual content. The amount of channels dedicated to architecture that we can find on YouTube is on the rise, and what’s even more important, is that the diversity and variety of approaches doesn’t cease to increase.

Although all of this had been in the works for a few years, it wasn’t until the appearance of Ter that the use of YouTube as a means of diffusion of architecture for the non architects really started gaining attention. Many people had it on the tip of their tongues, but Ter was the one who really demonstrated what could be done with her more than 300,000 subscribers. And it was about time that somebody did it; other disciplines had a bit of an advantage on us, and there was nothing more to see than Quantum Fracture or C de Ciencia talking about physics, the Gata de Schrödinger in her fight against homeopathy, or Antonio García Villarán in the world of art (and of hamparte).

But beyond the “Terdashian community,” the focus that we find ranges from something as specific as Paseando por Madrid de Santiago Fajardo (Passing through Madrid by Santiago Fajardo) to content more general like Feel Like an Architect. And even some collaborators from our project have suggested taking it in this direction, as is the case of Joan Vergara with ARQCoachingStepienybarno with the channel Arquitectura e Identidad Digital (Architecture and Digital Identity) or a server (and excuse the blowing of our own trumpet) with Arquitecturra together with Mamen Blaya.

This new phase of architectural exposure reached a pivotal point in these recent weeks with the premiere of the documentary series “Escala Humana” on La 2 of TVE, also with another of this blog’s colleague involved in the project (Jaume Prat explained it a few days ago in his post).

There’s no doubt that we are in light of a new situation. It could be that, since the storm of the housing bubble and its subsequent crisis has already passed, all of these initiatives help to reawaken society’s interest in architecture and bring about respect for those of us who work in it.

So now you know. Please, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE.

Text translated by Kaitlyn P. Delaney
(Murcia, 1986) Arquitecto y Arquitecto Técnico por la UCAM. Dirige el blog Pedacicos Arquitectónicos junto a Antonio Navarro y Juan Francisco Martínez además de MetaSpace Blog junto a Manuel Saga, desarrollando paralelamente su labor profesional en el campo de la construcción, el diseño y la docencia.

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